Coffret Saint Valentin Japonaise "Moana Moon" - par la Créatrice Matsushita Tomoko

Japanese Valentine's Day Gift Set "Moana Moon" - by Matsushita Tomoko

For Valentine's Day, Pacific Import offers you beautiful gift boxes in partnership with the brand "Moana Moon", by the famous Japanese designer Matsushita Tomoko.

Valentine's Day is also observed in Japan, but from a very different perspective compared to the Western tradition. On February 14th, women offer a gift to men to show their love. Then 1 month later, Japanese men will offer a gift to women on White Day.

For Valentine's Day, Pacific Import and the brand Moana Moon from the famous Japanese designer Matsushita Tomoko have created special Valentine's gift boxes.

Matsushita Tomoko is a famous  multidisciplinary artist in Japan, mainly renowned for her original scented candles that she makes herself in her workshop located in Miyazaki city (宮崎市).

For Pacific Import's international clients, Matsushita Tomoko selected the following designs:

"Daisy," a floating candle in the shape of a flower reminiscent of the flower petals on the surface of Japanese ponds in spring.

"Lady", a creation directly inspired by the history of the Château de Versailles, both a tribute to the elegance of courtesans and the grace of Marie Antoinette.

These exclusive handcrafted creations are available with Pacific Import's new Valentine's Day gift sets that we invite you to discover in our International Shop Collection

Valentine's Day Gift Set - Japanese drip bag coffee らくがき, fine chocolates "Le Chocolat d'Arthur" and scented candle "Moana Moon"

Valentine's Day Gift Set - Kyushu PGI Green Tea and "Moana Moon" scented candles

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