Kimono Ako - des artisans japonais donnent une seconde vie aux kimonos anciens

Kimono Ako - Japanese craftswomen give a second life to old kimonos

Pacific Import and Kimono Ako invite you to discover fashion accessories created from authentic Japanese kimonos !

In Japan, kimonos are traditional garments that are passed down from generation to generation. Considered part of the family history, kimonos that can no longer be worn are entrusted to craftsmen who transform them into clothing or other fashion accessories. The Japanese consider that giving a second life to this sacred garment allows their history to live on.

Everyday, the artisans of "Kimono Remake Company Ako" receive unique pieces of kimonos from which they imagine new creations.


We propose you to discover a trendy accessory in Japan: the shoulder strap for smartphone, made from kimono belts (obi) ! Each piece is unique and made on demand by Kimono Ako's craftswomen. Discover it now in our International Shop collection!  

Established in Miyazaki (Kyushu) since 2018, Kimono Ako gives a second life to old kimonos. Directed by Akiko Aikou, this 100% female company is part of a social responsibility approach by contributing to create jobs in priority for mothers whose children have specific medical needs.

Mrs Akiko Aikou is an entrepreneur, a fashion designer and the founder of the RIPPLE association, a care structure specialized in the care of children requiring permanent respiratory assistance. 

Since December 2022, Ms. Aikou and the RIPPLE association are the logistic and social responsibility partners of Pacific Import.

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