Le Chocolat d'Arthur 東京 @ PULLMAN Hotels and Resorts - a Brand of ACCOR

Le Chocolat d'Arthur 東京 @ PULLMAN Hotels and Resorts - a Brand of ACCOR


PACIFIC IMPORT LLC, Miyazaki City, 2022 July 15


パシフィックインポート合同会社のチョコレートブランド「Le Chocolat d'Arthur」は、プルマン東京田町のお客様に特別なおもてなしとして提供される予定です。

" プルマンブランドは、ビジネスやレジャーを楽しむ旅行者のための最も革新的なライフデザイナーです。プルマン東京田町は、国際的なゲストと地元のグルメなライフスタイルを結びつけることができる場所です。宮崎市矢の先町の味を、100年の歴史とノウハウとともに東京にお届けできることを大変光栄に思います。「とパシフィックインポート合同会社のCEOであるアレクサンドル・ヘイは述べています。

We are extremely delighted to announce that PACIFIC IMPORT LLC, a Miyazaki City based Company, has been chosen as the official supplier of Pullman Luxury Hotels and Resorts - a Brand of ACCOR Group.
PACIFIC IMPORT LLC's prestigious Chocolate Brand " Le Chocolat d'Arthur " will be offered as a special care to Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Guests.

" Pullman Brand is the most innovative life designer for business and leisure travellers. Pullman Tokyo Tamachi enables a connection between international Guests and local gourmet lifestyle. We are extremely honored to bring the flavors from Miyazaki city, Yanosakicho to the Pullman Tokyo Tamachi, along with 100 years of our family history and savoir-faire (know-how). " declares Alexandre Haye, CEO and Founder of PACIFIC IMPORT LLC.

About Pullman Tokyo Tamachi


Comfort and convenience. Contemporary decor that blends Japanese elegance and European design. Seamless access to all that Tokyo has to offer. The first Pullman hotel to open in Japan. With an enviable central location, Pullman Tokyo Tamachi is the quintessential hub for modern travellers and explorers.



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Pullman Tokyo Tamachi website : https://www.pullmantokyotamachi.com/

Pacific Import Miyazaki official Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/pacific_import_miyazaki/

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