Collection: Le Chocolat d'Arthur

"Le Chocolat d'Arthur" is the first socially responsible chocolate brand in Japan.

Each chocolate package is handmade by our partner RIPPLE, a general incorporated association in Yanosasaki, Miyazaki City.

Our great-grandfather, Arthur, was a renowned chocolate maker in France and Belgium.

Over 100 years ago, he developed several patents on cocoa processing techniques which led to the modernization of the conching machines thus defining new production standards among the chocolate industry 😊🍫💯

In recognition of his passion for chocolate and his achievements, Pacific Import has created the exclusive chocolate brand "Le Chocolat d'Arthur" . 🥰

The inspiration of the brand and the basis of the recipes of "Le Chocolat d'Arthur" come from France and Belgium.

However the recipes have been adapted in the district of Yanosaki, Miyazaki City (Japan) to suit the palate of our Japanese customers.

This is why "Le Chocolat d'Arthur" has quickly become a market hit and a renowned luxury chocolate brand in Japan.

Our chocolate tablets are handcrafted in Belgium following the techniques developed by Arthur.
We manufacture in small batches to maintain high quality standards.