Terms and Conditions of Sale - "International Shop" Collection

Terms and Conditions of Sale for the International Shop Collection

PACIFIC IMPORT GK is a company established at 305 Park Building, 122-1 Yanosakicho, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki 880-0034, Japan, registered with the Miyazaki Legal Affairs Bureau under number 8350003003973. PACIFIC IMPORT GK is registered in the State of Illinois for sales transactions occurring in the US.

The Terms and Conditions of Sale for the "International Shop" Collection, or "Export" sales, apply to private customers residing in France, Belgium and the USA, hereinafter referred to as "Import Customers".

Available products, dynamic pricing, Incoterm and destination of the products

The products available for Export sales are presented in the online store, in the "International Shop" collection, whose pages are all available in French and English. Any other product not listed in this collection is only available for the Japanese market and cannot be sold or shipped to the Import customer.
The products showcased by PACIFIC IMPORT GK for France, Belgium and USA appear on the site in Euro (€) and US Dollar ($). Depending on the current exchange rate, the price of the products is dynamic, which implies an evolution up or down according to the current YEN / EURO or YEN / US DOLLAR exchange rate.
All the prices indicated at the time of the payment in the order confirmation page include consumption taxes based on the location of the delivery. The Incoterm is DDP - Delivered Duty Paid (Goods delivered, duty and taxes paid by Pacific Import GK).

The destination of items purchased in the online store by the Import customer will be declared on the commercial invoice issued by PACIFIC IMPORT GK as items for personal use "PERSONAL USE". For packages to the USA, a declaration is made to the FDA with the mention "Gift basket containing multiple products of Japanese origin".

European Union VAT rules on E-commerce transactions outside of the EU.

A maximum limit of 150€ VAT included per order is automatically applied to avoid additional import VAT duties that could be claimed by the local authorities. In case of exceeding this limit, the Import Customer will not be able to check out and PACIFIC IMPORT GK's online store will display a corresponding error message.


Limitation of order amount for USA.

Although the maximum amount for importing goods to the USA is $800, PACIFIC IMPORT GK applies a limit of $200 to each order. This is to simplify logistics and customs clearance. For any order above this amount, please consult us directly via the chat of our website.

Delivery problems and other issues related to the carrier

All our packages are shipped by air express freight from Japan. Any incident occurring during domestic transportation (Japan) will be handled directly by PACIFIC IMPORT GK. The importer customer will be notified of the reason and the delay and PACIFIC IMPORT GK will make a new substitute shipment as soon as possible.

In case of delivery problems and other disputes related to the Carrier on French, Belgian or American territory, e.g. loss or damage of the package and the items contained therein, delivery to a wrong address etc., the Importing Customer shall immediately notify PACIFIC IMPORT GK's customer service by email at contact@pacific-import.com

PACIFIC IMPORT GK will then initiate warranty procedures with the Carrier and notify the Import customer. PACIFIC IMPORT GK will make a new substitute shipment and notify the Importing customer of the Carrier's tracking number and estimated delivery time.

Product return policy

All purchases made on PACIFIC IMPORT GK's online store are final and binding. No exchange, return or refund will be made except in case of problems and issues related to the carrier.

The Importer customer has however the possibility to cancel his order with PACIFIC IMPORT GK customer service by email at contact@pacific-import.com as long as a delivery tracking number has not yet been assigned. If the order is in "processed" status with a Carrier tracking number, then the Importer customer will not be able to claim the cancellation of the order.

The refund of the order amount will be made by bank transfer, minus the processing fees applied by the electronic payment interfaces STRIPE and SHOPIFY Inc.

Products and ingredients

The list of ingredients and components of each item is provided by the manufacturer of that product and published as is by PACIFIC IMPORT GK. For more information, please consult the manufacturer directly.