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Scented candles "Daisy" - Moana Moon by Matsushita Tomoko

Scented candles "Daisy" - Moana Moon by Matsushita Tomoko

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Japanese handmade scented candles in the shape of flowers "Moana Moon". Handmade by the designer Matsushita Tomoko.

Beautiful floating candles that will pleasantly scent your home. The designer Matsushita Tomoko expresses all her delicacy through "Daisy", a candle that you can place in a small jar filled with water as a decorative element and that reminds the floating flowers on the surface of the pond in spring.

Handcrafted in the designer's workshop in Miyazaki (宮崎市).

Daisy candles are sold in sets of 3 and are available with the following fragrances: Sakura (cherry blossom) and Yuzu.

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