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Drip bag Coffee - "Rakugaki" Coffee Roaster らくがき

Drip bag Coffee - "Rakugaki" Coffee Roaster らくがき

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Genuine Japanese handcrafted single-dose "Drip Bag" coffee from the "Rakugaki" coffee roaster らくがき.

Discover the pleasure of traditionally roasted Japanese coffee with "Rakugaki" coffee roaster らくがき in partnership with PACIFIC IMPORT.

Colombia Supremo and Moka Blend.

PACIFIC IMPORT invites you to an aromatic journey, guided by the knowledge of Rakugaki's Master Roaster. 
In general, Japanese people use thick ground coffee beans the size of salt grains for a light aroma.

Especially for our European customers, Rakugaki Coffee Roaster agreed to adapt the grind size of the coffee beans - finer - to better mark the aromas from roasting.
Each filter bag has been manually dosed to contain 10 grams of ground coffee, which will allow you to enjoy a short or long coffee.

For the US market, PACIFIC IMPORT offers the Japanese ground coffee as the standard. However you can request the European ground standard - finer - through our webchat, or by email at contact@pacific-import.

We offer 2 varieties of coffee:

Colombia Supremo: Colombian coffee beans, a heart roast for lovers of aromatic power (intensity 4/5)

Moka Blend : a coffee of Ethiopian origin, a roasting that develops a more delicate aroma for lovers of lighter coffee (intensity 3/5)

What is the Japanese "single-dose" coffee?

The actual Japanese name is "ドリップバッグ" which is an immediate take on the English "Drip Bag".

It is a filter bag filled with ground coffee, equipped with small handles that allow you to position it on a cup or coffee mug. Carefully tear off the top of the bag, marked with an "open here" line. Position the filter bag on a mug using the handles. Once the filter bag is in place, simply pour hot water through it to strain the coffee.

Why do Japanese people love filter bags?

Japan is a tea consuming country. To spread coffee more widely, Japanese roasters had the idea of making individual bags so that each consumer can easily prepare his coffee at work or at home, without the need to use a coffee maker.
The filter bags are also popular as a gift for any occasion.

らくがき Rakugaki Coffee Roaster, 42 years of know-how and 3 generations.

Founded in 1980 in the heart of the popular district of Ootsukacho ( 大塚町 ) in Miyazaki ( 宮崎 ) , Rakugaki Coffee Roaster らくがき handcrafts its coffee bags. As early as 8:00 am, the roaster's powerful aromas awaken the residences and businesses in the Kubota neighborhood. The red brick facade and the ivy that comfortably stretches around the sign are an invitation to travel to Europe.

村山充様 - Mr. Mitsuru Murayama, the latest successor of the family, is now the Master Roaster at the head of this nationally renowned establishment. Mr. Murayama roasts his own varieties of coffee and puts them into filter bags manually. He is also the author of the original design of the filter bags.

To the Instagram account of the House らくがき >

Packaged in batches of 10 coffee bags of 14g each. 10g of net coffee per filter bag.

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