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Smartphone Shoulder strap "Kimono Ako"

Smartphone Shoulder strap "Kimono Ako"

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Unique handmade pieces, made on demand. An exclusive partnership between Kimono Ako and Pacific Import !

In Japan, kimonos are traditional garments that are passed down from generation to generation. Considered part of the family history, kimonos that can no longer be worn are entrusted to craftsmen who transform them into clothing or other fashion accessories. The Japanese consider that giving a second life to this sacred garment allows their history to live on.

Everyday, the "Kimono Remake Company Ako" receives unique pieces from which the craftswomen imagine new creations.




The shoulder strap for smartphone is made exclusively with the "obi" or belts that allow to tie the kimonos. Each piece measures 115cm in length and 3cm in width. The lanyard comes with a transparent eyelet that slips into the pocket of the smartphone and then allows the hooks of the lanyard to be attached.

Each piece is unique and will be made from the obi available at the time of order. Please allow about 3 working days for the realization of the lanyard.

Established in Miyazaki (Kyushu) since 2018, Kimono Ako gives a second life to old kimonos. Directed by Akiko Aikou, this 100% women's handicraft company is part of a social responsibility approach by helping to create jobs primarily for mothers whose children have specific care needs.

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