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Salad Dressing Set 日向夏・へべす

Salad Dressing Set 日向夏・へべす

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Ideal for seasoning cold meat dishes, vegetables and salads!

This is a set of 5 exclusive "hyuganatsu" and "hebessu" sauces (日向夏・へべす).

Hyuga (日向) is a coastal city located in southern Japan. Famous for its beautiful landscape between mountains and beaches overlooking the Pacific, Hyuga is also a place steeped in history, whose rocks overlooking the cliffs are mentioned in the national anthem of Japan.

Around Hyuga city, citrus fruits called "Hyuganatsu" - literally "a summer in Hyuga city" - are grown. Hyuganatsu is a very sweet and mild citrus fruit, slightly acidic, whose pulp, white flesh and even skin can be eaten.

The "Hebessu" (へべす) also grown in the region is a sweet citrus fruit more like a lime.


Contents of the Salad Dressing Set 日向夏・へべす

* 1 Hebessu Vinegar & Onion Sauce - 250ml
* 1 Hebessu Vinegar & Sesame Sauce - 250ml
* 1 Hyuganatsu Vinegar & Onion Sauce - 250ml
* 1 Hyuganatsu Vinegar & Sesame Sauce - 250ml
* 1 Onion flake Salad Dressing - 250ml

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