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Green tea 宮崎県産水出し緑茶

Green tea 宮崎県産水出し緑茶

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Authentic Japanese Green Tea - 100% of Kyushu-grown tea leaves !

Green tea is considered as Japan national treasure. It can be consumed hot or cold at any time of the day. The tea leaves in the Green Tea "ubumizudashi ryokucha" 宮崎県産水出し緑茶 (Freshly brewed green tea) are grown in Miyazaki Prefecture on soils rich in volcanic minerals that ensure a high quality supply of nutrients and water to the plants. The climate of the region is particularly favorable for tea cultivation with high average temperatures and high levels of humidity.

In general, the Japanese teas sold outside of Japan are composed of a variety of tea leaves from various origins (China, India etc.). This product is protected by the Japanese Geographical Indication as it contains only tea leaves grown on Kyushu island, in the prefecture of Miyazaki.

You will enjoy the rich aroma and natural color of a true Japanese green tea. We recommend using 1 tea bag for one cup of tea, and 1 to 2 tea bags for 1.5 liters of tea.

70 individual tea bags of 5g. (Total net weight 350g)

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